The New Way to Receive Therapy: Online

We have all been there, we’ve gone through something and we just need to talk. More often than not a cup of tea and a vent to a friend tends to do the trick but when it doesn’t online counseling can be a more budget-friendly in comparison to the more traditional methods of therapy.

With a single session of therapy costing anything from $60 or upwards for a fifty-minute session of traditional counseling and Talkspace costing $239 a month the comparative savings are huge. But the savings are not the only perks available by the app.

Talkspace is an online therapy app that gives you access to licensed mental health professionals. One of the best things about this app is that all of the counselors available are not only certified but have a minimum of three thousand hours of experience under their belt, with a huge choice of backgrounds meaning that finding the perfect fit for you is very simple, allowing you to get the best service possible.

When you initially sign up for the app a representative will try and ensure that you get a good match by asking you questions on your mental health.

If however, this match is not good enough then you can rematch with a new counselor as many times as required giving you the best fit possible.

One of the wonderful things about the service is that once you have changed therapists there is no need for you to then re-cap on all of your histories that you have shared with the previous one, as all the messages are already saved within the chatroom.

Not only does this prevent you from painstakingly repeating your words but it also allows for your new counselor to pinpoint the aspects of your old counselor that you did not like so, that they can avoid doing the same things.

The online therapy app is an innovation in how counseling works, allowing you 24/7 access to a counselor that suits your needs, making it very convenient.

The app allows you to communicate with a counselor via text, making it great for people who live busy lives or those who find it hard to express their feelings face to face or by talking.

Giving people who may feel uncomfortable talking about their deep set issues face to face the opportunity to make more progress on their issues than in they would if they were in a more traditional setting.

Those that prefer to talk or need face to face communication need not fret because there is also the option to call or video chat available.

The flexibility also means that if you are reliant on more than one person being present for the therapy to take place for example couples therapy, fitting counseling sessions it can be easier, prevent arguments over session times and also fit in with hectic schedules.

Alongside this, the 24-hour service takes away the need to wait for the next session, as soon as something happens that you need to deal with you can access your counselor instantly. Your counselor is basically available all hours of the day to help you with problems big or small.

With a brand new take on counseling and with an affordability level that means more and more people can access counseling, Talkspace is a fantastic alternative to the traditional methods of counseling.

Its ability to reach as well as help so many people is a wonderful idea, that is made even stronger with the ability to access help 24 hours a day. If you’re new to counseling or just trying to shake things up, this app is certainly a good route to take.

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