Omni Charge Power Bank [Latest Review]

Are you looking for smart power bank, which can be portable with AC/DC outlet? Though do you want to bag it in reasonable price? If ‘yes’, then I come up with Omni charge power bank.

Omni charge power bank surely fulfills your all requirements, and this on charge review help you to choose the best smart portable power bank for your needs.


Nowadays Smartphones, Gadgets are ruling the world, so ween to catch the world with latest gadgets, electronics, because they easily simplify our living.

We can find so many companies which are manufacturing low-quality power banks and offering at the cheap price.

We likely to buy them, because they are offering at the cheap price and the specifications also moderately work fine, but they don’t work well for a long time.

Instead of spending money on cheap quality power banks, we need to bag one quality long last power bank, even by spending few extra bucks.

If you are the trendy latest gadget lover, then surely you love the Omni charge power bank and its features, specifications.

Omni charge power bank is the first power bank, which is facilitating AC/DC outlet in one place, and the max output power of Omni charge power bank is 100W.

Obviously, everyone wants to charge their smartphones, laptops, tablets at a time but normal power banks don’t cooperative you to charge all at once.

But with Omni charge power bank you can charge 3 your device at once, and it’s manufactured with latest charging technology, so quickly it will charge the devices.

Everyone is busy in making great future, and sometimes we don’t even look specifications while purchasing gadgets because we do not have enough time to assess it.

So you do not have to worry about the specifications of power banks, you do not have to worry about its features, simply you need to understand it better to purchase new smart Omni charge power bank.

As a technical person, I used Omni charge power bank and got all information about it to aware of its importance and surely you love the Omnicharge review and its specifications.

First, let me introduce few important, technical specifications which you need to consider while purchasing best power bank for your needs.

#How to choose best power bank?

Uff! Everyone wants to purchase best power bank, everyone wants durable, quality power banks, but may I know? which specifications do you consider while purchasing power banks?

Most of them don’t pay attention of technical specifications while purchasing power banks, so that’s obvious they can fulfill your requirements, or you don’t satisfy with them.

Perhaps, you may compare its battery capacity with other portable power banks, but you need to consider even more specifications while buying them.

Let me tell you few important specifications which you need to consider while choosing best power banks.

  • Battery capacity
  • USB charging ports
  • Charging speed
  • Screen monitor
  • Portability

These are the few important specifications you need to aware of while purchasing any best power bank.

Battery capacity is the most considerable thing while purchasing best power banks, because few low-quality power banks may have high-quality mAH, although they don’t support to charge iPhone for 2,3 times.

So always consider quality high mAH power banks, and Omni charge power bank is manufactured with high-quality engineering charging mechanism with 20,400 mAH capacity, So we can easily charge iPhones 5-6 times

USB charging ports of power bank decide the speedy of charge, so pick the power bank which has high transferable USB ports.

Omni charge power bank have quality USB ports, and all are capable to produce maximum power, so you do not need to worry at all of charging the Smartphone, laptops, tablets, and MacBook.

Charging speed purely relays on the USB ports, because few USB ports produce maximum power, few are lesser in producing the same power.

But in Omni charge power bank you can expect fast-charging USB ports, AC power 100W, so any device can easily quickly charge in less time.

Screen Monitor is the advance option, only few quality companies produces to their loyal customers, you can monitor charging status, and battery percentages in the given screen.

I think screen monitor facility makes Omni charge power bank to stand against all other power banks, so screen monitoring always helps you to assess your device status.

You need to choose the portable power bank for an ease of use.

These are the few quick tips to choose the best power bank for your daily needs.

Now let me highlight the specifications of Omnicharge power bank, so that you will aware the product.

Omni Charge Power Bank Review

Omni charge power bank comes with latest, mesmerizing features, you can charge laptops, MacBook, tablets, smartphones and etc. devices in Omni charge the power bank.

It has been manufactured with latest engineering formula, so it can quickly charge your devices in less time.

Omni charge power bank

The USB ports are specially designed to use for all kind of devices, the OLED screen helps you to assess your Omnicharge power bank condition.

This is the first smart power bank which offering AC/DC outlet in one device, the compact design and solar charging features makes the product unique in the market.

#What looks great in Omnicharge Power Bank?

The Omnicharge power bank has come with AC/DC outlet, it’s the unique feature only available in the power bank.

The OLED screen helps you to monitor the devices conditions, Output/Input status, the temperature of the battery, remaining capacity of the power bank, and discharge time and etc.

You can charge your Omni charge power bank with any charger around you, such as with Laptop adaptor, USB charger and with etc. chargers.

You can charge your smartphones, laptops, tablets, MacBook and etc. devices in Omni charge power bank in less time.

These are the unique offered features in Omni charge power bank.

Let me highlight you the key features of Omni charge power bank.

  • AC/DC outlet
  • 20,400 mAH high-quality battery
  • Charge Laptops, cameras, smartphones, tablets, MacBook and etc. devices.
  • Fast USB charging ports.
  • OLED monitoring screen
  • QC 3.0 compatible
  • Patented Power Protection System

These are the unique and great features of Omni charge power bank, surely these specifications tempt us to purchase the Omnicharge power bank.


The Omnicharge power bank comes with 1-year limited lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer support.

 #What Isn’t So Great?

Omni charge power bank is bit expensive, but nothing wrong is spending few extra bucks to get quality, durable, long-lasting device.

You can choose either Omni 20 or Omni 20 Pro Bundle, do not get confused, both are the same devices, but in Omni 20 Pro Bundle you can get cables & connectors.

Omni 20 doesn’t come with cables & connectors, so obviously, Omni 20 Pro Bundle costs more than Omni 20.

My suggestion is if you have cables and connectors, then better not to purchase Omni 20 Pro Bundle, just purchase Omni 20 device.

These are the few cons, although you can bag the Omni charge power bank for your daily use because it has unique features than other normal power banks.

These are the complete details and Omnicharge review, hope it helps you to find out the world best smart power bank.

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#The Bottom Line:

The Omni charge power bank is made of high-quality engineering formula, and one device can charge all types of devices in less time.

The best one even though it was bit expensive.

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Omni Charge Power Bank Review
  • AC/DC Outlet
  • Battery Capacity
  • OLED screen
  • USB port charging speed


Overall the great quality product in reasonable price.

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