What to Look For in a Perfect Day Spa? (5+ Tips Consider For Relaxation)

Looking for the best day spa at West Hollywood for your next girls’ day out? We can help…

Day spas or heaven on earth as some people like to call them, are a place to go to for a day’s visit and get massages, facials, hair treatments and variety of other body treatments, such as mud wraps and salt scrubs.

The reason they are called a day spa is because, unlike some resort spas or destination spas, you don’t stay the night.

Many day spas at West Hollywood offer both services of a salon and a spa. A lot of them started as a successful salon and later on they added spa services.

This sure is a wonderful addition, as you can enjoy spa services that get you all relaxed and then you can make it a perfect day by getting your hair washed and styled.

perfect spa

When you think about a good spa experience, it just has to be some place with beautiful interior, soothing and striking treatment rooms, steam rooms, swimming pools, maybe a wow factor like a fancy waterfall or an ice fountain.

All this sound way too nice and inviting, but ultimately a perfect spa treatment is all about creating a one-on-one experience with the client.

That’s why some of the best spas services are built around some best therapists.

Moreover, the therapists need a supporting management, quality training, employee benefits and a good work environment, which motivates them to be best at their work.

Moving on, as a client who is looking forward to have a relaxing and great day, the first thing you will notice about the spa is if it is beautiful to look at and if it gives you good, relaxing vides.

That’s very important, because intuitively visual beauty can help you relax your body and mind. Don’t forget, a smooth and fascinating entrance makes a smoother ride for the rest of the spa experience.

Another element that adds to your first impression is how it smells, appealing smell is another important sense.

However, no matter how beautiful the spa may be and how wonderful it may smell, it can all go down the hill from here if the spa concierge at the reception is not genuinely warm and welcoming.

So whether you are new to town and looking to have some ‘me’ time, or just want to try something new and better for a soothing, relaxing and quality time at a day spa at West Hollywood, here are 5 tips you should consider when out in town, on your search.

Don’t just pick a salon or spa by looking at their charges

At lot of people have misconceptions when it comes to spas and their prices. Don’t just choose a spa because it is cheap as you are often not going to get quality of spa services and customer services you would be expecting.

Similarly don’t choose a spa just because it is expensive, don’t associate higher prices of a spa with higher quality, as it is not always true that it lives up to your expectations.

You should rather look for a place that gives you quality services and customer services, while charging you a reasonable price for the services they give you.

When deciding a day spa for yourself, it shouldn’t entirely depend on what you would have to pay.

#Look, just listening won’t help

There is no issue in asking around for a good day spa in town, or you can check online reviews for the popular day spas, but don’t completely go with what you hear or read, look for yourself as well.

Someone may tell you they recently went to spa for hair styling or brow wax and that they loved it or they hated it.

Try your best that you actually get a look at their brow or a picture from the day they got hair styled, to see how you think the spa did.


Someone might tell you awful things about a certain place and ask you to avoid them, but just once ask yourself if you can trust the critique of this person and if they are being unbiased and well-rounded in their review.

Try not to make the final decision on someone else review and remember the best advertisement of a spa is the actual finished product, such as the look of hairstyle and the quality of brow wax.


#Look for a good customer services in a day spa.

Customer services is also a big part of your overall spa experience. For example, let’s say to you got facial from two different places and both gave you a great facial.

However, the staff and technicians at one spa are more interested in giving you a welcoming and relaxing experience, they are talking to you and generally considerate towards you.

You are going to have a nicer time and really enjoy your spa day with this kind of place. People who have good spa experience are usually seen talking about the staff and their behavior.

Keep this in mind the next time you are looking for a day spa.

#Make sure the day spa offers the specific kinds of services you want

There are many ways you can find out if a day spa offers the specific services you want to get, you can visit the spa’s website and have a look at the services they offer or you call them and get all the information you want.

Calling them will give you a good idea for their customer services and friendliness and if you decide in favor of them, you can set your appointment.

Some smaller spas may not have all the services you are looking, hence calling them to check can never go wrong.

Moreover, a full-service day spa is likely to offer services like facial treatments, sauna, laser, body wraps, Botox and therapeutic massages.

#Make sure it’s clean.

One of the basic and important things you want in your day spa is how dedicated they are towards cleanliness.

healthy spa

Often spas have back-to-back clients and it is possible for the staff to forget or ignore to change the sheets for massage or facials or clean tools for services like pedicure and manicure.

Always remember a good spa is a clean spa.

Finding your perfect spot for a day spa in West Hollywood will be easier if you follow these tips.

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