Limited Edition Skin Care Kit: Sunday Riley Brings Forth an Exclusive Set of Holy Grail Products

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I think we can all agree that beauty products that enhance a woman’s natural and exposed features are a close second. Skin care is a responsibility, and well, it’s pretty fun. It stops being fun when it comes to investing time and effort into products that do not really work in the long run.

It can be strenuous to search far and wide for wonderful products that would drastically change your skincare game. And these products are reminiscent of precious gems– they are hard to locate and they are one of a kind.

Sunday Riley is a goldmine of high-quality, top-notch and marvelous beauty products that are yours for the taking at very reasonable prices. The brand continuously showcases products that trend in the market, taking copious notes on what women need to incorporate in their daily skin care routines to bring out their best and beautiful selves.

Taking this a step further, the brand is launching a new and exclusive beauty kit with products that would blow your mind. Brace yourselves, queens. This one is a doozy.

Starting this off with a bang, here comes a product that has proven to be an all-time favorite among beauty gurus. Good Genes is a liquid exfoliator that leaves the skin feeling brand new with a glow of a thousand fairies.

The special ingredient that makes this all possible is lactic acid, a compound that provides skin-smoothing properties. Unfortunately, as reported by Sunday Riley personnel, the product had to be discontinued earlier this year due to modulation of the ingredient, restricting its amount in certain skin care products.

But worry not, Sunday Riley stays on top of the game. In October 2018, they released a new and improved adaptation of the original product, but here’s the twist: glycolic acid is the new ingredient in their arsenal. Not only does it contain the same properties that lactic acid sustains, but it is also suitable for all and every skin type.

The Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment is the perfect addition to any skincare routine. Plus, it’s got a good ring to it, doesn’t it?

It sounds too good to be true, but it is. Although, there is a catch. This product is included in the brand’s Early Access Kit, which is incredibly limited and exclusive. How exclusive, you ask? Only 1,000 of them will be available for purchase. To top off this crazy deal, two top-tier, unreleased products come with the kit.

The exclusivity of it all is staggering! As the name suggests, it is fundamental to get an early start on the Early Access Kit before stocks run out. Remember: only 1,000 get sold.

The second product that is yet to be released is a high-powered formula that functions as a serum with large doses of retinol, making this product a must-have for those in need of quick and strong results.

It’s called A+, and that it indeed is. The product contains organic properties, such as ginger, white honey, prickly pear cactus and bisabolol. If irritation arises with continued usage of the product, it is strongly recommended that the skin should build on its tolerance level of retinol with the aid of sunscreen for best results.

The third and last product in the kit is a facial oil infused with turmeric and vitamin C that brings a dewy glow to the skin, C.E.O. Glow. It is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E and THD ascorbate which is known to have a strong concentration of vitamin C. What C.E.O. Glow brings to the table is an incomparable moisturizing experience with the added bonus of that bright glow everyone aspires to achieve.

The Early Access Kit goes for $185. Pretty reasonable with its comparison to the collective and full worth of each product which is priced at $230. So far, announcements for Good Genes to carry the product outside of the kit is yet to be confirmed. A+ will be released in January 2019 and C.E.O. Glow will quickly follow suit in March 2019.

The kit will be available on during its live relaunch on Monday, Nov. 19, 2018. It’s time to get that glow on!

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