Lime Crime Continues to Dominate

There’s a reason why Lime Crime’s success has been truly outstanding. As the breakout cosmetics brand of the nascent digital age, Doe Deere’s line appealed to those who are serious about putting their money where their mouth is and wearing vegan products.

However, it wasn’t just the fact that the products were vegan that made is so successful. After all, lots of natural cosmetics brands have failed.

But Lime Crime quickly asserted its dominance in this space by offering bold pigments and products that no other brands were able to manufacture.

Whether consumers like their Plushies or they’re a fan of the overwhelmingly popular Unicorn Hairline, chances are that they’ll get hooked. Right out of the gate, Lime Crime demonstrated that it was a brand that was geared towards the consumer. It offered student discounts and other fun perks. Also, it didn’t follow the trends; it created them.

With this background, it’s no surprise that a firm like Tengram Capital wanted to buy them out and make the most out of their status as a cult classic.

Putting some real superstars into executive roles, Tengram plans to make Lime Crime’s native digital status work for it in brick-and-mortar stores. Since the team is very strategic about their next moves, they have not released much information about what they plan to do with the makeup brand just yet.

However, Tengram executive Richard Gersten has been very forthright about the challenges that cosmetics companies face in general.

He believes that the market is extremely crowded, so if any new product lines come along, they had better do something different than their competitors.

It should be stated that this is by no means Gersten’s first foray into the world of beauty. Working with Avalon Organics and Alba Botanica, he has consistently demonstrated that he is up to the task of identifying brands with potential—and then amping up their best qualities so they stand out on the shelf.

Lime Crime’s easily identifiable aesthetic will allow it to fit right in with the other brands in the Tengram portfolio. This digitally native line can sell itself, which was one of the qualities that appealed to Tengram in the first place.

This is a firm that carefully investigates all potential investments, so Lime Crime has been in a good place for a long time. Its only challenges seem to be mass adoption.

Although many beauty friends prefer to get their fixes online, there are others who still stick to physical stores. With the intervention of Tengram, they now will have the opportunity to find Lime Crime’s products in the shops they frequent. Many in the industry have been touting the extraordinary potential that this will create.

Another shift that Lime Crime’s line has seen is the adoption of leadership. Gersten and Tengram are emphatic about installing leaders with proven track records.

This was one of the very first things they did upon acquisition, and it’s already having a remarkable effect. In the months and years to come, tracking Lime Crime’s progress is poised to be a very interesting proposition indeed.

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