Doe Deere Starts Her Glittering Next Chapter

#New Life Brings a New Endeavor

For tastemaker Doe Deere, motherhood was always on the horizon. And as one can see on her incredibly popular Instagram account, her incredible sense of style has carried her very far in life. However, as is often the case with highly creative people, Deere has struggled with depression and a plethora of other challenges during her life.

A harrowing immigration tale is part of her backstory; a female hailing from a Russian-Jewish background, she has fought hard to express herself in a world that can be crushing.

Lately, Deere has been focused on compassion for others—and for herself. Through it all, she has persevered and managed to maintain her childlike fascination with the world. Because she possesses this beautiful imagination and flair for creativity, her latest endeavor seems like a very natural fit.

#Life Is a Jewel Box

Deere’s Victorian flair and modern aesthetics have led her to work on an entirely different, thrilling new project. Poppy Angeloff is a new jewelry brand that aspires to capture the same lightning in a bottle that has characterized Deere’s past projects.

Partnering up with her sister Kat Dey, she will be dreaming up even more fantastical creations that sparkle. Dey points out that the women in their family always had a specific issue when finding jewelry; they were petite, so it was difficult to find pieces that suited their hands.

In this manner, Poppy Angeloff is a project that is steeped in love—love of family and love of fashion. The two women draw inspiration from the pansy, a flower often depicted in Victorian art. Meant to signify that a person was thinking of someone longingly, it’s a very evocative symbol.

#A Passion for Balance

Now that Doe Deere is entering a new phase in her life, she’s thrilled to embrace all that it has to offer. With the way she’s already conquered all of the obstacles life has thrown at her, it seems as if Deere is uniquely primed to handle the challenges that come along with new enterprises, whether they be motherhood or staring a new business.

Indeed, Deere understands the digital realm in a way that few others can. She also boasts a strong sense of how the vivid, fantastical designs she dreams up can be best displayed so that others will immediately comprehend her vision. It’s a far cry from Deere’s very humble beginnings.

As a young immigrant, she and her family struggled to make ends meet. For a time, they even lived in a shelter. But it was during these struggles that Deere began to execute the beginnings of her brand, taking pen to paper and designing for the very first time.

She believes in the American Dream because it happened to her. It is this boundless enthusiasm and hope that bursts through in her work.

#A World of Color

One of the many traits that Doe Deere is known for is her astonishingly vivid palettes. Now she translates that vision into jewelry, and fans can hardly wait for what’s going to happen next. Those who want to see the Poppy Angeloff line must sign up for the email list so that they can “unlock” its invisibility.

From start to finish, Deere is an entrepreneur who is one step ahead. But perhaps more importantly, she is brilliant at revealing stunning images that one can only imagine.

Perfectly melding new with old, she unleashes her creativity in a way that is completely unique. With this kind of talent and creativity, it will be fascinating to witness the triumph of Poppy Angeloff.

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