10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Amazon Echo Plus [Review]

Do you want to play the music with your voice? Don’t you want to turn on the lights or turn up the volume with your voice? Don’t you want to turn your ordinary home into the smart home in minutes? Yeah, all are possible with Amazon Echo Plus device.

Probably you may think that the mentioned things will only possible with robot actions, but the same thing will happen with Amazon echo plus device.

Amazon echo plus

Damn crazy! Who the hell turns off the lights with voice instructions? Are you making me dumb? Nope, you never believed the damn crazy Amazon echo plus do even more for you.

#Amazon echo plus control hundreds of devices:

Yep! You can easily connect this Amazon echo plus device to hundreds of devices like other echo devices.

Amazon echo plus device can connect to any smart device, such as door locks, light bulbs, TVs, cameras, and etc.

You do not need to work hard to connect these smart devices, just you need to say that, “Alexa discover my smart devices” so that Amazon echo plus device will discover and setup your devices in a couple of seconds.

You might be busy in your regular office works, after coming to the home, you need to relax to get rid of your stress, but after turn on AC, it usually takes 10-20mins to cool your room, it may frustrate you badly, but here is a wonderful idea with Amazon echo plus device.

Before coming to the home, you can easily turn on your home’s AC at the scheduled time with Amazon echo plus, so that you can happily go home and you can take rest.

You can control multiple devices at scheduled times with Amazon echo plus device.

Amazon echo plus has a great feature, its single voice command, just say “Alexa do this”, within a couple of seconds the device will do your work efficiently.

Amazon Echo Plus Review

Nowadays everyone’s desire is to build a smart home because you can easily do the things with the help of smart devices.

The beauty of smart devices is, you need to work 20% then rest of the 80% they will complete in less time with efficient manner.

You never face any issue with the smart devices, just you to need to instruct them, so that they will easily get your work in given time.

Sometimes you may face technical issue with the smart devices, to avoid this situation, you need to buy smart devices with trusted shops such as Amazon.

Amazon has provided best services to their customers, so you can trust Amazon products without having any single thought.

Amazon echo plus is an Amazon product, and the Release date of Amazon echo plus is October 31, 2017, you need to pre-book the device to avoid hurry on release date.

The Amazon echo plus devices are available in limited quantity, so do not waste your time on thinking, pre-book your Amazon echo plus device to build the smart home in minutes.

The item box has Echo Plus + Philips Hue bulb included, you no need to pay any additional cost for Philips hue bulb, just buy Amazon echo plus device and the bulb included at no cost.

The Limited offer for Echo Plus + Philips Hue bulb included, order now to avail the 1+1 offer.

# Amazon Echo Plus Features:

Let me figure out the features of Amazon echo plus device so that you can come to know the value of Amazon echo plus device.

Amazon echo plus comes in three colors, you can choose any color which suits you perfectly.

You can do below mentioned things with Amazon echo plus

  • You can play music with your voice commands
  • You can make calls, alarms at any time
  • You can ask questions to Alexa, even you can check traffic status, weather reports.
  • Amazon Alexa controls your smart devices such as; door locks, TVs, Lights and etc.
  • Just ask Alexa to discover the smart devices, within seconds it will discover.
  • Echo plus can play your favorite music, play audio books and etc.
  • Just your voice connect to other smart devices, hands-free you can make call or text to anyone.
  • Echo plus device can hear you from any direction because it has 7 microphones and strong beamforming services.
  • You can order Pizza, you can request echo plus to book Uber, in a couple of seconds it will make for you.

You never believe that these things can happen in the fraction of seconds, but yes these things can happen easily with the help of Amazon echo plus device.

#Single Voice command Feature:

Yeah, Amazon echo plus works with single voice command feature, it never lets you shout bigger, just you need to say “Alexa what’s the traffic status” “Alexa order pizza”.

The most frequent questionaries’ you can ask to echo plus Alexa is:

  • “Alexa, turn off the lights”
  • “Alexa, play calming music for bedtime”
  • “Alexa, request Uber to get ride”
  • “Alexa, close my door”
  • “Alexa, what’s trending in the market”
  • “Alexa, start movie night”

Yeah! You can connect this echo plus Alexa to hundreds of devices and you can control all of them at scheduled times.

Haha Crazy! You even turn on the coffee maker without lifting a finger.

#Hands-free calling & Messaging:

Yeah! Amazon echo plus have a facility to hands-free calling & messaging, you just say Alexa to make a call to your boyfriend, Alexa immediately connect to your boyfriend number.

You even send voice messages or text to anyone with the hands-free facility.

You even can set mange reminders with echo plus, so that, “Alexa can remind you at the mentioned time”.

Amazon echo plus has upgraded and worked with thousands of skills, echo plus surely helps you manage your busy schedule effectively.

The beauty of Amazon echo plus is, the device automatically updated with the latest features, and upgradation, you do not need to update manually.

Now Introducing Echo Plus with built-in Hub – Silver + Philips Hue Bulb included so do not miss the chance to get it ASAP.

Echo Plus + Philips Hue bulb included released date is October 31, 2017.

The Alexa app is compatible with Android, iOS devices, so anyone can order use it, The Amazon echo plus device comes with 1-year limited warranty and services, if you face any technical issues, then you can avail the warranty.

Limited time offer for Echo Plus + Philips Hue bulb included.

Hope Amazon echo plus review helps you to get the powerful smart device to your home, Kindly share your feedback and queries related to the product in the comment section.

#Bottom Line: Smart Device, Smart Home for Smart People.

Do not waste your time on thinking, only limited quantity is available so pre-book the product immediately to ship your product on release date.

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Amazon Echo Plus Review
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Audio & Play video
  • Control smart home devices


The perfect smart device for your smart home, No words to describe the product, just purchase it and enjoy the benefits.

A complete review will be posted once the product is available in the market.

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